Creative and flexible wellbeing solutions for your school or college

Utilising evidence-based and goal-directed strategies designed for use with children and young people, and with many years of experience supporting young people in educational settings, Eastbourne Wellbeing offers a professional, friendly and adaptable partnership with local schools and colleges.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how this effective and affordable service can enhance student wellbeing in your setting.

One-to-one weekly appointments held over a 12 week period:

Evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) -based interventions for children and young people who are disaffected with school/college, struggling with anxiety, negative thinking patterns, poor self-image, worry, depression / low mood, low self-esteem and confidence, phobias, anger/impulse control, and who are generally out of sorts.


Small-group work, weekly, for 6 weeks:

Practical, effective strategies which promote emotional wellbeing, including targeted interventions for coping with the build-up to exams or for specific groups of young people identified as having similar needs.


Peer mentoring wellbeing programmes:

 Involvement in peer mentoring schemes has been linked to improvements in academic performance, attendance and perceived connectedness to school (Angus & Hughes, 2017).  Eastbourne Wellbeing can help your school to set up and run a programme which fits with your school community.


Mental Health First Aid training:

MHFA can be arranged for school staff. MHFA training helps staff to feel more confident in supporting students with their wellbeing and helps to promote a confident, positive message about mental health throughout the whole learning environment.



Guidance and support around how to move forward with meeting the emotional wellbeing and mental health needs of the students in your school / college.



"Quick response after initial enquiry. Young child (year 1) has responded well. Practitioner always prompt to appointments. Thank you!"

"We are pleased to have discovered a service that enables us to support the children who need a specialist service without the horrendous waiting times"


"Each session the practitioner fed back to school and parents. The holistic approach impacted on home too"

"Excellent communication with both home and school, outlining the student's needs (through assessments) and targeted support in the Wellbeing Plan"

"Involvement of parents was particularly good"

"So pleased to have found you and look forward to working with you in the future"

"The children loved each session and could reflect on their session through the week"

"Eastbourne Wellbeing provided effective (measurable) support in order to improve the emotional wellbeing of one of our students. This has enabled them to feel happier about themselves and improve their engagement within school both academically and socially"

"Wellbeing plans were accurate and gave an excellent picture of the child's needs"

"So pleased to have found a service for those children who need support now!"

"Your lovely manner makes the students feel calm, welcomed and supported.  They were keen to see you and seemed comfortable to open up and discuss those difficult issues with you"


"Including the parent in the initial sessions and in the Wellbeing Plan makes the plan feel more holistic and reduces parental anxiety"


"Took into account the child's difficult school absences and arranged alternate venues"

"Fantastic involvement and communication with parents"