Wellbeing plans are unique to each individual, but are usually structured in the following way:

1. Initial, free of charge, 20-minute consultation chat, in person or over the phone

2. Assessment appointments (usually two sessions, leading to agreement of goals and wellbeing plan)

3. Treatment sessions (varies according to need, usually around 8-12)

4. Relapse prevention plan

5. Follow-up sessions as required

We understand that children and young people need flexibility and creativity within their treatment. Wellbeing sessions can take place in your home, in a local office, or we can meet out and about in the local community.

This is a friendly and affordable service. Please call or e-mail to arrange an informal discussion about your child's needs

Please note that children and young people with more complex or severe difficulties may fall outside the scope of our offer here at Eastbourne Wellbeing. Your child's welfare is our priority, and if this is the case,  referral back to their GP or other appropriate services will be discussed.